4 hours

Great Outdoor. The feast of natural formations. Have a true jungle experience, and trek up to the summits. Trek into the wild and meet with friendly yet mystical flora and fauna. Trek the jungle of Ulu Geroh and spot the biggest flower in the world. Reward yourself with the spectacular view when you get to the finish line of your trekking tour.


4 hours

Great Outdoor. The feast of natural formations. An experience of climbing down a magnificent 10 meters height waterfall that should not be missed! Challenge begin as you descend down the rock and water splashing on your face and body.


4 hours

The joyride of you life is here! A fantastic experience of battling the awesome rapids. Test out your river skills and experience an adrenaline rush while you ride through 15 rapids. An ideal activity to do with your family and friends if you crave for adventure. Whether you are 6 or 65, white water rafting in Gopeng ride is safe, and fun.


3 hours

Splash through fun rapids & relax on slow areas while tubing on the scenic Kampar River! Imagine floating down the river using tube and experience nature first-hand. One can have some me time far from the city and enjoy the 2km gentle rapid along the winding river.

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