Balai Gambang River Cruise

The Balai Gambang, named Cempaka Sari, was a source of pride to the people of Perak because it had unique artistic features. This special barge was used by Sultan Nazrin Shah during his enthronement as the Sultan of Perak. The balai gambang was used for the Sultan of Perak’s enthronement ceremony while visiting the royal tombs and end at Beting Beras Basah at the downstream of Perak river, nearby Teluk Intan.

Perak Sultanate

The Perak kingdom has long existed and was a part of the greater Melaka Sultanate Empire inhabited by Hindu-Malay settlements that was self-run without any rulers. In the early 15th century Sultan Mahmud Shah who was running the Melaka Empire from Kampar, Indonesia decided that it is best for Perak to have a ruler to run the kingdom. Sultan Mahmud Shah then held a council meeting with his royal council and they have unanimously decided to elect the crown prince of Sultan Mahmud Shah to be the ruler for the Perak Kingdom. This decision was heavily supported by two of the influential royal councils during the period whom are Tun Saban and Nakhoda Kassim. Thus, Sultan Muzaffar Shah I, the crown prince of Sultan Mahmud Shah was crowned as the first ruler of the Perak Kingdom in 1528. Sultan Mahmud Shah then concentrated his reign in Melaka. From that point onwards, two prominent Malay kingdoms has emerged and continued spreading its influence all over the Malay region.

Coronation of 35th Perak Sultan

Given the name of Cempaka Sari, it has been the pride of the Perak people for its uniqueness. This special barge was used by Sultan Nazrin Shah during his coronation as Sultan of Perak. Usually an official coronation ceremony of the new King of Government will be officially hosted in the Palace Hall. But ceremony of Tabal Pusaka has its own cultural arts in several phases that involve the inner and outer areas of the palace like the ceremony of visitation to the Royal Mausoleums which began with the use of vehicles from the north of the Perak River to go to the tombs of the late Sultan of the Sultanate along the Perak River to the Kuala Kangsar Royal Cemetery.

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The boatman claimed that they offered joyride from the Sayong jetty until about the mid-point tp R&R Sg Perak. The ride takes about an hour, starts from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm. Maximum 15 pax and minimum of 10 pax per ride. Piloting the boat requires knowledge and skills as the current can be pretty strong, besides certain parts of the river are either shallow or contained bedrock.

Safety & security Information

1. Please wear your life jacket
2. Sit down at the provided space
3. Smoking is prohibited
4. No outside food allowed
5. Personal belongings are at your own care

Terms & Conditions

1. For any unused tickets, no further re-validation will be allowed.
2. Customer must produce e-voucher for the above product in order to redeem their entrance ticket.
3. Booking must be made 5 days before arrival.

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