General Info

Taiping is located at the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Perak between Ipoh and Penang Island along the North-South Expressway that skirts the country’s western hemisphere. The only routes of access are by roads and railway tracks; there are no commercial airports (only a small air strip suitable for turboprop planes). Flights to the nearest airports are at Ipoh and Penang, which connect domestic routes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Once in town, there are taxis but an electric bus service may be available in future to provide tourists a convenient way to explore major attractions along the heritage trail, managed by the local municipal council.

How to Go?

By Road

Taiping town can be reached by using the North-South Expressway that connects major cities along the western coastline including Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Georgetown and Alor Setar. Located 70km north of Ipoh and 90km south of Penang, the highway incurs tol charges at the Taiping exit. From Kuala Lumpur, it is a distance of 280km away – about three to four hours by car. Alternatively, visitors can also use trunks roads that pass through townships skirting the coast or highway that are free of tol charges with the aid of a map. Major bus stations at Kuala Lumpur (including KL Sentral), Ipoh and Penang also provide coach rides that arrive or pass through Taiping. From northern bus terminals, buses arrive at Kamunting about 6km away from the main town.

By Train

Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the national railway, operates the Electric Train Service (ETS) that connects the western coastline from Gemas to Padang Besar at the Thai-Malaysian border. Operating in three phases, visitors taking this high-speed train from KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur will hop on the main line to Ipoh, then transit to the Padang Besar ETS route that makes a stop at Taiping Train Station. Conversely, visitors from northern destinations such as Butterworth (mainland section of Penang), Alor Setar and Kuala Kangsar will take the same line from Padang Besar to reach Taiping.


Place to Visit

  1. Kota Ngah Ibrahim
  2. Matang Mangrove
  3. Kuala Sepetang
  4. Perak Museum
  5. Burmese Pool
  6. War Cemetery
  7. Lake Garden
  8. Zoo Taiping & Taiping Night Safari
  9. Bukit Merah
  10. Austin Pool
  11. Kuala Gula
  12. Bukit Larut
  1. Kota Ngah Ibrahim

Kota Ngah Ibrahim is a historical complex at Matang, about 6km from Taiping town. Built in 1870, it was formerly the fort of a local warlord during the colonial era, and then turned into a court, college and school in subsequent order before its present state as a museum today. During the war, it was temporarily a strategic operations center for the Japanese forces. Around the complex, visitors can explore remains of the old fort, including its walls, wells and tomb of the original owner, Ngah Ibrahim. Inside the bungalow, artifacts and exhibits pertaining to (Larut) district history, including local culture, tin mining, civil wars and pre-independence miscellany.

How to Go: Follow Jalan Taiping-Kuala Sepetang (route 74) from town, which eventually meets a sharp bend along the road at the 5km mark; the historical complex sits at this corner facing the surrounding villages.

  1. Matang Mangrove

The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve in Kuala Sepetang, just 15km away from Taiping, is the largest mangrove reserve in Malaysia (over 40,000 hectares in size) established since 1902. It stretches for 50km from Kuala Gula to Pantai Remis along Perak’s coastline, with five fishing villages and several more parks situated between. About 80 percent of it is used for coal production under sustainable harvest policies, while the remainder is completely protected for biodiversity preservation.

The mangrove landscape is dominated by Bakau trees that fuel the charcoal industry, but the entire reserve is also important as a breeding site for coastal birds and commercial fish. Entry to the park begins along the old trunk road (route 74) from Taiping to Kuala Sepetang, as it nears the estuary. An extensive series of well-maintained boardwalks take visitors through the mangroves, allowing them to see the different types of trees, ferns and shrubs that grow in swamps; locals use it as a jogging track. About 75 species of birds, some migratory, can be spotted along with wildlife such as monkeys, bats, otters and snakes. Boats can be chartered from a jetty in the park for river cruising adventures during the night and day, or for fishing activities. Small wooden chalets provide cheap overnight accommodation for visitors along with facilities such as washrooms, a meeting hall and small local restaurant. The park is open throughout the day, but the entrance is gated at night.

  1. Kuala Sepetang /Port Weld

Kuala Sepetang is a small town and fishing village about 14km away from Taiping, nestled around an estuary that connects to the Straits of Malacca. The town is a popular tourist attraction, with an abundance of mangrove swamps that sustaines a local charcoal industry (open to visitors) and houses a nature park (Matang Forest Reserve). Formerly known as Port Weld, numerous seafood restaurants and hawker stalls spread around town and outlying villages in the countryside, offering signature local dishes, including seafood.

How to Go: Follow the Jalan Taiping-Kuala Sepetang road (route 74) that leads from town or North, which is almost entirely straight and indicated by signboards. If coming from the highway, take left at the cross junction (right to Taiping) to get on route 74. The road eventually meets its end at Kuala Sepetang town near the river mouth.

  1. Perak Museum

Perak Museum is the oldest museum in Malaysia, established since 1886 by British Resident Sir Hugh Low who wanted to showcase the natural history of Kinta Valley. The museum still preserves its original colonial architecture, a striking Moorish building of white complexion that sits along Jalan Taming Sari in Taiping town – just a short walking distance from Lake Garden. There are almost 8,500 items on display relating to history, archeology, culture and nature; the zoological gallery and ethnographic exhibits are particularly impressive, a result of Low’s interest in those areas, which he also shared with the first curator Leonard Wray Jr. Open from 9am to 5pm daily; admission is cheap.

How to Go: Follow Jalan Taming Sari (route A2) towards the direction of Jalan Kamunting Lama, the museum will appear at left before the big cross junction.

  1. Burmese Pool

The Burmese Pool is a large rock pool along a stream at the foothills of Bukit Larut, a popular weekend nature attraction among locals. Nestled within the rainforest, visitors need to snake their way through Lake Gardens, and look for the signboard posted towards Burmese Pool. A short drive later will take you to a car park at the end of the road, where a small ticket fee is charged for leaving your vehicle. From the entrance, a short trail leads into the forest to Burmese Pool, but a river spot also lies near the entrance. The rock pool itself is spacious, but mostly shallow, fed by a small waterfall.

How to Go: Located near Sentosa Villa Resort, visitors should head to Lake Garden from town, then follow the signboards to Bukit Larut. After Kamalodge, Take the junction at right to Taman Sentosa, and follow the signboards to Burmese Pool.

  1. War Cemetery

As visitors travel towards Bukit Larut from Lake Garden, two lush fields lined with neatly-organised graves align themselves at opposite sides of the road. This is the Taiping War Cemetery, erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission sometime after the War. During the Japanese Invasion, many soldiers from British and Gurkha regiments perished during a short but intense battle, culminating in a hasty retreat to Singapore.

When the war was over, a British major and his team were tasked with collecting the various dead buried across the country in forests and villages. With the help of Aborigines (Orang Asli), about 900 soldiers were located and exhumed from their burial plots to be interred here. Among the dead were soldiers of British, Australian, Scottish, Chinese, Malay and Gurkha origins. The graveyard is only one of two such memorial graves in Malaysia, the other being in Labuan (Borneo).

  1. Taiping Lake Garden/ Taman Tasik

Taiping Lake Garden is the oldest public garden in Malaysia, established since 1880 from a disused mining pool. Also known as Taman Tasik Taiping, the park sprawls majestically across 62 hectares of landscaped gardens, parks and lakes swelled with large droves of flowers, shrubs and trees. In morning and evening, the park is naturally a favourite haunt of locals for recreation and relaxation. Designed by Colonel Robert Walker during the colonial era, the land came as a donation from businessman Chung Thye Pin, with further refinement by town planner Charles Compton Reade.

Receiving much praise from visiting British officials and travellers for its architectural beauty, Lake Garden remains a delight of Taiping town till today. Rain trees (Angsana variety) that were planted here over a century ago still perch dramatically around the park confines, raining down yellow flowers during strong gusts of wind that carpet the greenery in gold. These impressive rain trees have a stout stump from which tall branches spurt forth, arching into a massive dome-shaped crown.

  1. Zoo Taiping

Zoo Taiping and Taiping Night Safari is believed to be the oldest zoological exhibit in Malaysia, established in 1961 and also one of the largest of its kind at 34 acres in size. Located within the Lake Garden, visitors can expect to see the usual gamut of local and exotic animals, including tigers, lions, zebra, deer, monkeys, birds, hippos and reptiles. There are over 1.300 animals from 200 species of wildlife on display at the park. The zoo opens from 8.30am to 6pm daily, while the night safari starts from 8 to 11pm. Tickets cost MYR12 per adult and MYR8 per child. Taiping locals get a discount.

  1. Bukit Merah

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is a hotel development and theme park, located 12km north of Taiping and 50km south of Penang. Situated around one of Malaysia’s largest lakes, a 7,000-acre body of fresh water, the resort features a water park, Orang-Utan sanctuary on an island, mini zoo (Ecopark) and various recreational activities, including boating, fishing and ATV rides. Laketown Hotel, Suria Apartment and Kampung Air (situated above the lake) provide accommodation around the park. The various parks can be visited individually, but tickets are cheaper when purchased in combo packages.

How to Go: From Taiping, take the North-South Highway up north and exit at Bukit Merah (route A111). The Laketown Resort gateway then appears quickly at right along the trunk road.


  1. Austin Pool

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is a hotel development and theme park, located 12km north of Taiping and 50km south of Penang. Situated around one of Malaysia’s largest lakes, a 7,000-acre body of fresh water, the resort features a water park, Orang-Utan sanctuary on an island, mini zoo (Ecopark) and various recreational activities, including boating, fishing and ATV rides. Laketown Hotel, Suria Apartment and Kampung Air (situated above the lake) provide accommodation around the park. The various parks can be visited individually, but tickets are cheaper when purchased in combo packages.

How to Go: From Taiping, take the North-South Highway up north and exit at Bukit Merah (route A111). The Laketown Resort gateway then appears quickly at right along the trunk road.

  1. Kuala Gula

Kuala Gula is a mangrove estuary that houses a fishing village, nature resort and bird sanctuary about 50km west of Taiping in Kerian district. A popular bird watching spot for raptors, the locals subsist on tourism and farming fish, while the surrounding wetlands host a rehabilitation programme for the endangered milky stork. Visitors can also check out the numerous seafood restaurants that specialises in soft-shelled crab dishes, including one housed on a floating platform above the waters.

How to Go: Follow Jalan Kamunting Lama (route A2) from Taiping town and turn right to route 1 at the cross junction before the North-South Highway exit. Follow the road to another cross junction and turn left to Kuala Kurau/Gula (route A100). Go straight and turn left at the exit signboard to Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary (route A195) where the road meets its end near the resort.


  1. Bukit Larut/ Maxwell Hill

Bukit Larut is Malaysia’s oldest highland resort, established in 1884 as a colonial hill station that still retains much of its original landscape today. Formerly known as Maxwell Hill, Bukit Larut receives the most rainfall in the Peninsular – up to 4000mm annually. This unsually high amount of precipitation accounts for a strikingly diverse and lush rainforest that drapes the region – home to a high incidence of botanical endemics and wildlife, including the mountain serow, clouded leopard, tapir and tiger.

Comprised of several peaks, Gunung Hijau presents the highest summit at 1500 meters, while the rest range below 1200 meters. Meanwhile, temperatures range from 25 °C in day to 15°C at night, ideal for a cooling mountain getaway. Jeeps that ferry visitors to the peak depart daily from the foothills at Lake Garden, with limited seats available at a nominal cost. Accommodation is also available on the mountain top in a small number of government and private bungalows.


  1. Jana View Condotel
  2. SSL Traders Hotel
  3. Flemington Hotel
  4. Taiping Perdana
  5. Vistana Micassa
  6. Regency Hotel
  7. Sentosa Villa
  8. Beverly Hotel
  9. Potato Hotel
  10. Legend Inn
  11. Tune Hotel
  12. Casavilla

Food & Beverage

  1. Kuey Teaw Doli
  2. Cendol Bismillah
  3. Restoren Nur Zety
  4. Yong Taufu Taiping
  5. Ansari Famous Cendol
  6. Mee Combat
  7. Cendol KTM
  8. Medan Selera Bomba






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