About DPSB

DESTINATION PERAK SDN BHD is a Destination Management & Marketing Organization (DMMO) created to bring in new dynamics into the Perak tourism industry. As a subsidiary of the ever progressive PERAK State Economic Development Corporation, our company is determined to create the required framework and paradigm to be the best DMMO in Malaysia.

Intense global demand for authentic and engaging travel necessitates the formation of DMMOs that deliver innovative, competitive, safe and hassle- free travel experiences. Destination Perak is fortunate to have the vibrant state of Perak as its tourism base of operations which is brimming with potential due to its’ unique nature.

The tourism industry in Perak needs an organization that will place its unique tourism assets on par with other internationally acclaimed destinations. Destination Perak is strategically formed to do just that. We intend to develop and maintain strong yet unique collaborations with our local and international business associates in pursuit of common goals and aspirations.

We welcome tourist with our hometown warmth and exclude no one. We welcome everyone to Perak. We care about our tourist and are compassionate toward them. We’re helpful and very engaged. Our customers trust us, we work hard at never letting them down. We look at problems as opportunities and see setbacks as learning experience. Our optimism is contagious, motivating partners and building customer confidence. We will be responsive to ensure our customers to achieve their dreams to create memorable experiences. From it’s history and culture, to it’s flora and fauna, and to it’s people, all about Perak is vibrant. This is what we like to share with our tourist, real people with real experience in real places. We are not afraid to do a new and unusual thing to promote Perak. By being innovative, we stimulate our creativity towards new possibilities for the future of Perak.